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A Guy My Friend Hooked Up With Turned Out to Be a Serial Killer (NSFW)

Posted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 6:00 pm
by machin
This is a very fucked up story. I've seen similar ones on the internet but this one is particularly horrible.
So my friend told me she went out with some of her girl friends to spend the evening at a nightclub. She was single at the time and she would hook up with guys she met and all, but nothing more.
So here she is, spending the evening but getting bored out of her wits as the night progresses and she doesn't find any guy that fits her taste, until she goes out the club to smoke a cig and sees the bouncer. Typical muscly guy, definitely her type.
Anyways, long story short they get it on in the bouncer's car. One hell of a bouncer if you ask me, leaving his job like that to have sex on the job... They get pretty intense apparently and the guy finishes inside her and all (told you this was nsfw...). They get dressed and the guy wants to take her home, but she says no. She wasn't interested anymore, and the guy insists but she's already out the car and back to the club and her friends.
Could've been the end of it except she gets a terrible rash down there, so she goes to a gynecologist who tells her that this kind of rash can only be transmitted through... having sex with either animals or... dead bodies.
She freaks out and she's like denying (of course) ever sleeping with a dead person and the gynecologist says "well probably one of the guys you slept with does".
Flash forward to a couple months later when my friend learnt that the bouncer got arrested for murdering several women. Apparently his modus operandi was so : he met the girls at the nightclub he worked at, flirted a bit, then took them back to his home where they had sex. Then, *during* the act he would strangle them and kill them. Then he'd keep the bodies and have sex with'em for a couple weeks until they rotted away and he had to get rid of them.
So basically my friend, by saying no to his invitation, saved herself.
Needless to say, she doesn't hook up with random guys anymore.