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Don't Leave Your House- Part 1

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 11:40 pm
by autheauthor
This is part of a series found on Reddit: NoSleep!
Link to original post and other parts here:

Hey guys. So, I got a strange email from someone called TheMidnightRinger on gmail a few days ago. I didn’t recognize the name (none of my friends are that cliche), and I assumed it was just spam, but I decided to open it a few hours ago out of boredom. The email was blank, with the Subject Line only saying “LeavenedBread.01”. There were audio files attached, however. I had my computer scan them for viruses, and after deeming them safe, I gave them a listen.

They’re really freaky, honestly. So freaky, I had to transcribe them and put them on here for you guys to read. Let me know what you think of them.

Diary 1: Monday

Uh, let’s see. Guess I’ll introduce myself. I’m John. John unintelligible. I go to unintelligible School. That’s uh, in North Carolina. We don’t have much, just lots of trees. I’m not a nature person, but it’s cool if that suits your fancy, I guess.

Now, what am I doing here? Well, Ms. Weathers, my teacher, has my English class doing this extended project. We all have to make audio logs about our daily lives, something about recording our trends and any anomalies in our otherwise consistent schedule. Yeah, I don’t really get it, either. Nothing much happens here. But we’re allowed to talk about anything we want, no holds barred. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I’m a straight A student, so I can’t not do this assignment, you know? It’s actually worth a good portion of our final grade.

Anyway, these will probably be short. Like I said, nothing much happens here, except the unintelligible. Otherwise, it’s rather boring. Let’s see, today in school, I had gym, English, Geometry, and AP History. Uh…I ate a bologna sandwich for lunch. I walk home, I don’t take the bus. No one takes the bus.

That’s it. Well…actually…Liza Brown got sick in Geometry, today. Barfed chunks everywhere. I’ve never actually seen someone projectile vomit before. It was kinda cool to see, except she passed out afterward, and her nose started bleeding. Then the nurse came, Mrs. North. She unintelligible Mr. Humphrey was really scared, and we didn’t stop talking about it until after school ended. I think she’s fine, though. She’s our best tennis player. Strong, you know?

But yeah, that’s about the only interesting thing to happen today. Maybe the rest of the week will be as exciting. Stay tuned, I guess.

Diary 2: Tuesday

Hey guys. It’s John, John unintelligible. I’m in my room right now to record this. If you hear any loud noises, please excuse me. There have been a lot of cars going by our street lately.

Anyway, something interesting happened today. I mentioned a girl named Liza Brown in my previous recording, and how she got sick. Well, rumor is apparently she got hit with some really weird bug, and she may have been contagious. We got the whole works: announcement by Principal Rogers over the intercom, a lecture on washing our hands. We even got sent home early, and told not to touch any weird plants or substances we didn’t recognize. I haven’t seen anything strange lately, so I think I’m okay.

Anyway, I called my mom and told her about what happened. She just told me to stay inside. It’s kind of boring, staying inside, you know? I guess I get to play video games, but all of mine are pretty old. Everyone has the new Playstation, but I’ve still got the second one. They don’t really make games for it anymore.

Ms. Weathers told us to continue making these diaries. “Today will be a great anomaly for you to discuss in your recordings,” she said. I think I’m going to keep it brief though, to save you the trouble. If you found my recordings, I’m sure you’ve found someone else’s. They’re probably more interesting than me.

I don’t think Ms. Weathers knows about Liza. The principal told us not to talk about her, so she must’ve been out of the loop. I’m sure it’s common knowledge though, everybody is talking about her. I don’t know how she’s doing. I hope she’s okay.

Stay tuned, I guess.

Diary 3: Wednesday

Hi. It’s John. I’m still in my bedroom…yeah. I haven’t been able to leave the house. Like, literally. I was watching the news this morning, when I was eating my cereal, getting ready for school. The mayor has the town basically on lockdown. There’s a curfew at 6 pm, and the only ones allowed out past that are people with “Class 3 clearance.” I’ve never heard that term spoken on our news station before, it was kind of spooky. Like we’re in some kind of sci-fi movie. I then found out that all schools are closed for today.

Thing is, my mom manages the Research Lab at unintelligible, the local university. She called me at around lunchtime, and told me she wouldn’t be home for a while. She got an immediate job upgrade, which would be exciting if under some different circumstances. She’s Class 3 now. She won’t tell me what that means. She couldn’t even tell me about what her old job entailed. I guess it’s all hush-hush.

My English class has been emailing each other, non stop. Graham unintelligible is refusing to do this assignment, but the rest of us think he’s overreacting. He’s freaking out over Liza, and thinks what happened to her is connected to what’s happening around the city. I mean, no one’s allowed to enter or leave. But, she’s just one girl. I don’t know how she got sick, but I haven’t heard of anyone else exhibiting the same symptoms. I’m sure it’s just the flu, or something.

Which is weird, because we haven’t had a flu bug around here in two years.

Diary 4: Friday

Hey, it’s John. I know, I skipped a day, but, some…interesting things happened. My mom is still at unintelligible University. My dad has been missing for seven years. Sorry, that doesn’t matter. Um, what I’m getting at is that I’m currently alone in the house.

Yesterday, the cable news ran all day instead of ending at 11, it’s usual time. They reported some people getting sick. Projectile vomiting, bloody noses, and a new symptom, swelling in the throat and brain. It sounds like Liza. I know I told you guys that I hadn’t heard of anyone else coming down with…whatever this is, but…it’s happening. Not going to lie, I’m scared. So scared, I did some research.

I’m friends with a few people in Geometry, so I texted them, and they’re all feeling okay. They don’t know of anyone else getting sick, either. Those guys on the news are all over 40, but come from pretty different backgrounds and cultures. Liza is the only young one that I know of. Not only that, but her name wasn’t listed on the news report. That caught my attention.

She’s like, Patient Zero, right? Or at least, I think she is. She was the first case I know of, but it’s actually more likely that someone somewhere else came down with this illness before her. Question is, how exactly did Liza get it? And is it really contagious?

Only time will tell. But now, another anomaly. It’s like 11 in the morning, right now. The news has been talking about the weather for the last two hours. Yes, the weather. There has been no rain, even though there’s a 79% chance of it. The sun has been shining, there hasn’t been a hint of a cloud. It’s very benign, yet strange. And highly annoying. I want them to talk about this sickness, or this lockdown. ANYTHING else.

I want this curfew to be lifted. I want to leave the house. I CAN leave, but my mom told me not to. I’m not going to leave the house. When will she be home?

Diary 5: Saturday

It’s John. The news hasn’t been on all day. I’ve been watching Tom and Jerry since 7 this morning. It’s weird, I haven’t woken up that early to watch cartoons since I was a kid. Heck, I haven’t woken up that early on a Saturday period.

I’m honestly so bored. I tried to play video games, but staring at the screen for so long hurt my eyes. I then tried to take a nap, but my mind was racing. So, I decided to record another one of these. I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of terrified. I don’t know what’s going on outside. Every time I look out the window, I see an empty street. I haven’t heard any cars going by. A dog used to bark, but now it doesn’t. I don’t even hear my neighbors opening their front doors or garage doors anymore. It’s almost like we’re under lockdown in our homes, too.

I want to leave. I can leave. But my mom told me not to. I think I should listen to her? I should, right?

I think she came home late last night. I fell asleep at around 2 am, playing around on my phone. I’m upset I missed her. She made me a bowl of cereal and left it on the coffee table. She must’ve been in a hurry. I haven’t eaten it yet. I’m not hungry. I should eat it soon, before it gets all soggy. I wish she’d called me.

Diary 6: Sunday

We haven’t gone to church since my father went missing seven years ago. I don’t remember the experience, much. I don’t know why I keep bringing my dad up.

My mom called me today, finally. She apologized for not having been home. I told her it was fine, she must be really busy. She still can’t tell me what’s she’s working on. She sounded tired. I told her to make some cereal and she laughed, called me weird. Then she had to go. She only gets short breaks.

She came home again last night, though. I never ate the cereal, and I never moved it. This morning I found it in the bathroom, just chilling in the bathtub. She’s playing a joke on me, I’m sure. She has to be. All the doors and windows are locked. I haven’t gone outside yet.

I tried texting a few people today, but most of them didn’t answer me. Graham and Marcila did, though. I probably should’ve mentioned Mar before. She’s one of my best friends. I don’t know why she hasn’t come up yet. Maybe because of this “sickness” business.

Well, two drastically different conversations. I should note that my wifi is painfully slow. I only have enough patience to record and upload these, browsing any other site is just not worth the time and effort. Graham’s wifi is much faster than mine, since he lives in unintelligible. It’s a nice place. Smelly, though.

He’s been finding out as much as he can about the sickness. So far, there haven’t been any other documented cases. He thinks there are more though, but THEY aren’t telling us. I asked him to tell me what “THEY” he was referring to, but he just told me “The Other Ones.” Graham’s always been kinda quirky, so I left it at that.

He asked me if I’d been by the school yet. I told him I couldn’t leave the house. He asked me why not. I told him unintelligible. He started to cry, and then he didn’t reply to any of my other texts. I don’t know what happened. Honestly, remembering our conversation makes me exhausted. Think I’ll take a nap.

I’ll tell you about my friend Mar, tomorrow.

Diary 7: Monday

It’s John. The news finally came back on, again. Much to my chagrin, all they said was that the schools would reopen tomorrow, but the curfew was still in place. Then, the weather. I couldn’t stand another three hours of them discussing the high chances of snow despite it being Springtime, so I turned it off. I’m happy things will be getting back to normal.

Oh yeah, Marcila. When I talked to her, she was just as freaked out as me over the turn of events. She and her family were told by their neighbors not to go into town to buy anything. I have enough in my house where I’d be okay, especially since I live alone, but she has parents and siblings who must be taken into account. They need to eat. Her older brother went into town to buy something, apparently, but he has yet to come back. Yeah, I talked to her not too long ago today, as well. He still hasn’t been back. No calls, no messages, anything. Her folks are worried sick.

When I told her not to go outside, she told me to stop being ridiculous. I told her that if she went outside, she needed to stay on her property. I don’t know if she took me seriously, but I hope she does. Maybe it will be okay, now that the schools will be open. But my mom hasn’t told me to leave the house yet. I don’t want to leave the house yet.

I don’t know why she won’t just wake me up when she comes home at night. It’s like a game, now. I haven’t touched that bowl of cereal, and my mom is just moving it around the house. Yeah. Today I found it in my closet. Oddly enough, the milk is still pearly white, and the frosted and dried flakes of wheat aren’t soggy at all. It’s almost so perfect that I don’t want to eat it even if me and my mom weren’t…doing whatever it is we’re doing.

Diary 8: Tuesday

My mom called me, just before I was about to leave for school. She told me not to leave the house. Then she hung up. I didn’t leave. I haven’t left the house, yet. I’m doing what she told me.

I got the worst anxiety attack today. I had to sit in my closet, in the dark, for a while to calm down. I took the cereal with me. I haven’t eaten it yet. For some reason, it comforted me immensely. I’ve never noticed it before, but it smells a lot like lemons. I like lemons.

Anyway, the news keeps talking about the weather. I don’t know where they get off on this stuff. It’s been sunny and perfect all day every day since last week. There’s been no hail, or snow, or rain, or an “intensely thick fog.” It’s so annoying I can hardly stand to watch it, anymore.

I talked to Mar about my frustration. She told me that her younger sister went outside to play in the backyard the other day, and came back soaking wet, and gaunt, “like she hadn’t eaten in weeks.” She was only outside for fifteen minutes. It really freaked her out. I mean, it sounds freaky right? But I’ve seen her sister, and she was already pretty skinny. I think she’s overreacting. Anyway, I told her not to go to school, and she said she couldn’t go anyway, since her sister recently came down “with something” and she had to help take care of her. She won’t tell me if that something was the same as what Liza had.

I spoke to Graham, too. He said he went to school today. That’s it. I asked him how it went, how he was doing. Then he told me, “Just come to school.” Now THAT started to freak me out. He’s a paranoid conspiracy theorist, and he hasn’t addressed me that calmly since…I don’t even know when. I don’t know what’s changed in him. I asked him if he researched anything else.

All he tells me is to come back to school.

Diary 9: Wednesday

Today I found the bowl of cereal in the strangest place yet. It was in my drawer, stuffed inside one of my socks. Yeah. I didn’t think they could stretch that much, but…they can. It wasn’t wet or anything. When I pulled it out, carefully mind you, the cereal was still pretty perfect. I’m sure it would be spoiled by now, right? Yet it’s not. Still smells like lemons.

Anyway, I spent the majority of my day wondering what to do with my time. I’ve read every book in this house. Played half of my games from start to finish. I’m probably going to do the other half tomorrow. You’d think a week without school would be more enjoyable. Maybe it’s because I can’t leave the house.

I tried to call my mom today, but she didn’t answer. It’s been a while since we talked. I don’t know why she won’t just speak to me when she comes home? Maybe she wants me to get my sleep. I think I’m going to stay up all night, and wait for her. Maybe then we can eat the cereal. Maybe then she can tell me why I can’t go outside.

Diary 10: Thursday

I tried, I really tried. I even took a nap yesterday to make sure I stayed up all night. I don’t know what happened. I sat in the living room, watching cartoons, waiting for my mom to get home. The front door never opened. I thought I saw the headlights of her jeep through the window at around 3 am, but I guess it was something else.

I STAYED AWAKE ALL NIGHT. I know I did. The sun came up. The newws came on. I even sat through the boring weather until 1 pm. I was so tired. So tired. But before I gave up and took a nap, I looked around.

The cereal bowl, which I left on the kitchen counter, had been moved to the basement. Just sitting thhere, on the dirty floor. I don’t know how my mother doees it. Not only is the basement door just a few feet away from the back of the couch, but it’s super squeaky. I would have heard it if it opened. I didn’t hearr anything, at all. I wish she’d stop doing this to mee. She won’t answer my calls or texts. I’m worriied.

I don’t know if sshe’s the one moving the cereal. I don’t know why it hasn’t spoiledd yet. I don’t know why I can’t go outside. I waant to try, but I can’t. I can’t.

Ddoes anyone else experience this? Or am I going crazy?

Diary 11: Friday

I feel like I’m the only one alive. I texted Mar today, just to feel sane. Her sister has gotten worse, apparently. Right before the news started reporting nonstop about the weather, we were warned to call a hotline about any friends or family members who’d come down with those strange symptoms. Mar’s family doesn’t want to report her sister, because they think she’ll get taken away. I understand their fear, as they have yet to hear from Mar’s older brother. But I’m worried about them. They might get sick, too. They’re steadily running out of food.

Mar’s father wants to go into town and buy something, but Mar and her mother keep him from leaving. That’s smart. They tried dialing the neighbors for help. No one replied. They’re at a loss.

I tried texting some of my friends and classmates. None of them reply. Not even Graham, anymore. I checked my email today, and the last two were from Ms. Weathers and Nurse North. Ms. Weathers is “worried about my attendance” and wants me to come back to class. I didn’t know what to say, so I haven’t replied yet.

Mrs. North sent out a more generic message, that I think she sent to all the students. All about the importance of washing our hands. Except, there’s something weird with it. I can’t put my finger on it. For one, she’s the only other adult I’ve seen mention the strange sickness, which I’ve come to call the D-Disease. Second, her word choice is just plain strange. Here is her email:

Greeting students!

Hello, this is Mrs. North. Each of you will be receiving this email. Lately, you may have heard about a few people catching the flu. Please do not be alarmed about this news, but do take it seriously.

Remember to keep up your personal hygiene! Everyone has germs, and we must do our part not to spread them. Allergies go absolutely haywire at this time of year. Don’t forget to cover your cough!

Teachers, don’t think that excludes you! Half of the work lies on you, as well. Educate your students on the proper way to clean their possessions, and their hands. You are responsible.

Hopefully, this email has reached your ears. Encourage your friends and family to stay healthy and wash their hands. Always remain steadfast in the fight against germs. Read this email carefully!


We haven’t been told to wash our hands so many times since elementary school. I’m sure there’s more to all of this. I just have to figure it out.

In other news, I can’t find the bowl of cereal. It’s hidden somewhere real good this time. Do I even want to find it? I’m not sure. It’ll pass the time at least.

I want to keep these up. They help me keep my sanity. Who knows, someone might find these, and be able to give me a few answers. Every day is getting harder and harder. Hopefully things will get back to normal, soon.

That’s that, for now. I don’t know what to make of them. TheMidnightRinger sent me these yesterday, so maybe he’ll send more later. It sounds like John has more to tell us, and honestly, I’m curious as to what’s going on. My cousin was vomiting nonstop two days ago and it’s really worrying me.