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March 2017 Announcement

Posted: Wed Mar 15, 2017 12:19 am
by Abbyka
I realize I have been forgetting to do the announcements for a very long time. I will try to pick back up with them from now on, but they will be a once a month announcement instead of biweekly. The reason for this is because we will have biweekly featured authors that I will also be attending to. Our first featured author is decomprosed! Congratulations! In order to be featured in the future you should submit content through contests, the story forum, or short story forum. Since the contests are on break for now then you'll need to use the other two forums for your attention grabbing content.

Speaking of contests, our recent contest has ended. "Crawlspace" by ProjectClockwurk placed in second while our featured author decomprosed placed in third with "From the mouths of babes". Again, the new contest is being postponed until April. The exact date, for now, is undetermined.

In the short story forum there is an interesting new concept of written terror by Ladon. I really recommend everyone read "The Watchers".

In Creepy JustAnotherStranger has brought up the creepy phenomenon that seems to be a shared experience around the world. It includes a sound clip, so read and listen to Strange Sounds In The Sky" if you're brave of heart.

Fans of "The Ring" series can discuss the topic in the entertainment forum with JamiePants.

TheQueenDiamond is wondering if anyone else has experience this glitch in the matrix about a Vanishing House.

Control can tell you that the closet was not just the house settling in the scary encounters forum.

I won't spoil anything about elliekat's "I don't eat meat" in the story forum. You'll just have to see for yourself. I hope you're hungry.

The Off Topic section of the forum isn't as lively as the rest, but you can find new members introducing themselves as well as some fun games to get your mind off the spooks and monsters in your closet and under your bed.

Hopefully with more activity the next announcement on April 14th will be just as interesting. Remember that this will no longer be biweekly. It will be monthly in order to give me time in order to feature some of our favorite authors on the forum. You can also be featured here if not as a featured author. Just remember to submit new content anywhere on the forum. Until then, stay warm everyone. :)

Re: March 2017 Announcement

Posted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 4:13 pm
by SirChubbyBunny
Ah man, I was about to ask where I could submit my entry for this month's contest too. That's okay though, I'll figure out where to place it when it's gone. :)